seize the day | Polvere di Tempo artisan laboratory in Rome
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Seize the day

Seize the day

Seize the day

Time passes through us, defines the perception of our life.

Why is time so important?
About this question even us at “Polvere di Tempo in Rome” would like to give straight answer.

Since ancient times human societies have tried to measure it, to calculate it and to divide it in minutes and seconds.

Philosophers, physicists, mathematicians have tried and failed to give a unique and concrete answer.

However our human life revolves around the concept of time.

If we were to define it, we could only say that time is only the result of a subjective perception.

This is because mankind has always been led to think that time can be traced back to three phases: the past, which lives thanks to our memory, the future that exists only in our imagination, and the present the only real thing but so evanescent that it has already passed.

A bit like what happens inside an hourglass, where the passage of time is evident. In the upper part of the ampoule we find the future, while the central passage represents the present and there the grains of sand flow to settle on the bottom (past).

The hourglass is a fascinating measuring instrument of time that helps to calm the soul and to distract from the worries that time causes us.

As well as other ancient instruments, the hourglass hides different meanings, all related to the passage of time, how to seize the moment, and how to keep our memory always alive.

That is why giving an hourglass or any other time meter is something that goes beyond the simple gesture.

In the Polvere di Tempo artisan laboratory in Rome we create sundials, solar clocks and hourglasses of all sizes and measurements, depending on the request.

We produce hourglasses from 1 second to 45/50/60 minutes for psychotherapists and others.

Inside the shop of the time you will have the opportunity to feel and experience the production process of our products.

But if you don’t have the way to come to us in person, don’t worry.


On our website you will find an always updated and detailed catalog showcase.


To request information relating to the products and the methods of purchase and shipment, you can contact us at the telephone number (+39) 06.5880704, or at the email address:

… The silent white fluid powder from a different recipient. A funnel shape was hollowed out in the upper one and a cone was arched in the lower one. This small mountain formed by all the lost moments that fell in each other, it could be understood as a consoling sign of the fact that time disappears but does not vanish. It grows deep … ” Ernst Junger

globo terrestre
quaderni medievali
 10.00 120.00
Clessidre in legno da 5 15 30 minuti
 24.00 110.00
Clessidra in metallo esagonale
 35.00 180.00
orologi solari da dito

 (+39) 06.5880704

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