Craft Workshop | Polvere di Tempo in Rome Trastevere
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Polvere di Tempo, welcome to my workshop


Polvere di Tempo was born in 1989, it was the fruit of my passion for craftsmanship and the construction of ancient time measuring instruments.


It all started when I visited the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milán, where there is a wide array of sundials. This event altered my life to the point that I gave up my career in architecture, in favour of the construction of these curious instruments.


In the beginning it was hard to find the information, which I obtained through a research and by consulting “gnomistas atrófilos”. The first instruments I produced were the portable sundials, then I discovered the charm of the sundials, which I started producing in all shapes and sizes.


In my workshop, I also produce compasses, globes, geographic maps and other objects, always in the subject of time.


Please feel welcome to come and visit me.


Adrian Rodriguez Cozzani.